Presidente’s 2018-2019 MLB Offseason Free Agent Predictions


As we countdown to warmer weather and the glorious-ness of Spring Training, I looked at the top 30 free agents and decided to make my predictions.  I can look like a genius or like an idiot… but whatever… it’s baseball in November!  Take a glance and tell us your predictions.

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# Player Team Contract
1 Bryce Harper, RF Phillies 14/$400M
2 Manny Machado, SS White Sox 12/$350M
3 Patrick Corbin, SP Yankees 6/$132M
4 Craig Kimbrel, RP Braves 5/$85M
5 Dallas Keuchel, SP Angels 4/$80M
6 Nathan Eovaldi, SP Red Sox 4/$70M
7 Yasmani Grandal, C Nationals 4/$64M
8 AJ Pollock, CF Giants 4/$64M
9 Michael Brantley, LF Astros 4/$60M
10 Josh Donaldson, 3B Braves 3/$50M
11 Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP Dodgers 3/$40M
12 J.A. Happ, SP Blue Jays 3/$48M
13 Wilson Ramos, C Phillies 3/$42M
14 Andrew McCutchen, CF White Sox 3/$42M
15 Yusei Kikuchi, SP Mariners 5/$40M
16 Marwin Gonzalez, UTIL Twins 4/$40M
17 Nelson Cruz, DH Twins 2/$36M
18 Charlie Morton, SP Phillies 2/$36M
19 Jeurys Familia, RP Mets 3/$36M
20 Andrew Miller, RP Red Sox 3/$33M
21 Zack Britton, RP Astros 3/$33M
22 David Robertson, RP Mets 3/$33M
23 Adam Ottavino, RP Phillies 3/$33M
24 Jed Lowrie, 2B Athletics 3/$30M
25 Joe Kelly, RP Red Sox 3/$27M
26 Brian Dozier, 2B Nationals 2/$25M
27 Matt Harvey, SP Reds 2/$22M
28 Kelvin Herrera, RP Dodgers 2/$16M
29 Daniel Murphy, 2B Twins 1/$14M
30 Gio Gonzalez, SP Angels 1/$13M
  1. Bryce Harper

The prized jewel of this offseason is going to set a record.  With the money available, I think he chooses the Phillies.  Also in play: Braves, Yankees, Dodgers, and Nats

  1. Manny Machado

I’m going bold here… ChiSox.  The Southsiders have money to spend could decide to increase the years and money to motivate him to sign.  Also in play: Phillies, Yankees, Cubs

  1. Patrick Corbin

He’s going to the Yankees… end of story.  They just have to figure out length/dollar amount that is agreeable to both sides. Also in play: No one… read the first sentence, idiot.

  1. Craig Kimbrel

It’s going to be homecoming for Kimbrel.  He returns to where it all started and a lock for 50 saves in 2019. Also in play: Cards, Phillies, and Red Sox

  1. Dallas Keuchel

The Angels need about 4 starting pitchers… they snag one here in Keuchel. Also in play: Reds, Braves, Nationals, Red Sox

  1. Nathan Eovaldi

I think he returns to the Red Sox to be the best #4 pitcher in the MLB next year. Also in play: Braves, Angels, Reds

  1. Yasmani Grandal

The Nationals have had a void at catcher for basically their entire existence… they shore it up here with Grandal.  Also in play: Mets, Braves, Phillies, Dodgers, Astros, Red Sox, Angels

  1. AJ Pollock

The Giants don’t have a proven OF on their roster… and they love paying a lot of money to players who will spend time on the DL for them.  Perfect fit.  Also in play: White Sox, Diamondbacks, Braves, Pirates

  1. Michael Brantley

The Astros don’t have a left fielder to plug into their potential championship team, but they do have some money to spend.  With other teams likely to get involved, I see the price getting pushed upwards a little bit.  Also in play: Braves, White Sox, Giants, Phillies

  1. Josh Donaldson

The Braves got good production from Camargo last year, but they also desperately need a big RH bat to protect Freeman.  Also in play: Cards, Nationals, Cubs

  1. Hyun-Jin Ryu

This little piggy won’t be leaving the market.  The Dodgers know him better than anyone and need him in their rotation.  When he is on and healthy, he is a beast.  Also in play: Yankees and Angels

  1. A. Happ

The Blue Jays always loved Happ… they bring him back on a 3 year deal to continue their mediocrity.  Also in play: Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Brewers

  1. Wilson Ramos

The Phillies traded for him after getting little production from their other catchers… they must know his knees pretty well and can pray they stand up to 100+ games in 2019. Also in play: Braves, Nationals, Red Sox, Mets, Astros

  1. Andrew McCutchen

The Southsiders add to their Machado signing by adding a veteran presence in McCutchen to their barren outfield.  Also in play: Cubs, Rays, Phillies

  1. Yusei Kikuchi

This may be part racist… but I’ve got no fucking clue.  With Ichiro in the front office, the Mariners will add Kikuchi to the rotation. Also in play: Dodgers? Padres?

  1. Marwin Gonzalez

The Twins love the versatile infielders.  They snag Gonzalez to replace Escobar. Also in play: Literally almost every team

  1. Nelson Cruz

The Twins have a big void in their lineup when it comes to power unless Sano wants to show up in 2019.  Twins add him on a 2 year deal and reap the benefits. Also in play: Mariners, Astros, Rays, Athletics

  1. Charlie Morton

Rumor is Charlie wants to be close to home if Astros don’t resign him… Phillies make him an offer since there is no draft pick compensation tied to him. Also in play: Astros, Red Sox, Braves

  1. Jeurys Familia

Mets need bullpen help and a lot of it.  I think they go with a committee until one separates themselves from the pack.  Also in play: Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies

  1. Andrew Miller

Red Sox are losing Kimbrel, but Andrew Miller isn’t a bad consolation prize.  He could step in and close for them or continue to work multiple innings.  Also in play: Yankees, Dodgers, Braves, Angels, Phillies

  1. Zack Britton

The Astros wanted him before… now they get him.  They could use another lefty in the pen and potentially turn him into a “fireman”. Also in play: Mets. Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies

  1. David Robertson

Like Familia, the Mets need a lot of help and want closing experience. Also in play: Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies

  1. Adam Ottavino

Phillies need bullpen help and Ottavino looks like a solid years/dollars fit for them.  Also in play: Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Mets

  1. Jed Lowrie

Athletics were competitive last year and could look to bring back the versatile Lowrie. Also in play: Nationals, Twins, Dodgers, Rays

  1. Joe Kelly

The World Champion Boston Red Sox can’t let both Kimbrel and Kelly walk.  Kelly will be far more affordable than Kimbrel and shows flashes of dominance.  Also in play: Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies

  1. Brian Dozier

There may not be a better fit than the Nationals.  Short-term deal and fills a void at 2B. Also in play: Red Sox, Mets, Yankees

  1. Matt Harvey

Surprisingly, Harvey did far better in Cincy after the trade last year and I think the Reds overpay to keep him.  Also in play: Red Sox, Angels, Nationals

  1. Kelvin Herrera

The Dodgers could use some insurance in case Jansen’s heart needs another break… Also in play: Phillies, Mets, Braves

  1. Daniel Murphy

Minnesota has some holes in the infield that could fit Murphy well.  With Mauer retiring, the Twins could plug him in at 1B and rotate him at DH/2B as well.  Also in play: Dodgers, Yankees, Rays, Athletics

  1. Gio Gonzalez

Angels need pitching and Gio needs somewhere with an offense to support his 4.50 ERA. Also in play: Brewers, Yankees, Athletics


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