NCAAF Conference Championship Picks ATS

The Rowdy Sports Guys JB, El President, and Nice Guy Joe share their Week 14 NCAAF Conference Championships Picks ATS

TGIF, especially one with two Conference Championship games to enjoy. We here at The Combine like to gamble, so we decided to share that passion with the readers. For Week 14, we’re rolling with picks from our very own RowdyRotoJB, ElPresidenteJosh, and Nice Guy Joe. Here is the final product:



The Majority Picks

  1. Washington (-6.0)
  2. Texas (+8.0)
  3. Oklahoma vs Texas – Over 78.0
  4. Appalachian State (-16.5)
  5. App State vs UL-Lafeyette – Under 58.0
  6. Middle Tennessee State  (-1.5)
  7. MTSU vs UAB – Over 44.0
  8. Memphis (+3.0)
  9. Georgia (+14.0)
  10. Alabama vs Georgia – Under 64.0
  11. Boise State vs Fresno State – Under 53.0
  12. Clemson vs Pittsburgh –  Over 53.0
  13. Ohio State (-15.0)
  14. Ohio State vs Northwestern – Over 61.0

The Unanimous TOP ROWDY PICKS of Week 14

  1. Buffalo (-3.0)
  2. Buffalo vs Northern Illinois –  Over 51.0
  3. Washington vs Utah – Over 45.0
  4. UCF vs Memphis – Under 64.0
  5. Boise State (-3.0)
  6. Clemson (-28.0)


Opinions are like butts, everyone’s got one. So what are your thoughts on the picks? Who is going to finish Saturday with the highest percentage? Leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter!

Author: RowdyRotoJB

I'm Rowdy, I love Roto, and they call me JB.

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