Week 14 NFL Picks ATS

The Rowdy Sports Guys at The Combine team up with Kev, Ben Rolfe, and Kingy to bring you their Week 14 NFL picks ATS

Welcome to Week 14 of the NFL season, fellow degenerates. We called on a few more buddies today to help us with some Consensus Picks. Today we have some more RotoBallers – Ben Rolfe, RotoSurgeon-Kev, Kingy along with Combiners RowdyRotoJB, Ronnie Boo-Boo Child, El Presidente, Nice Guy Joe, and Spence. The spreads were recorded Friday, 07 December. Here is the final product:


The Majority Picks

  1. Bills (-3.5)
  2. Browns (+2.0)
  3. Panthers @ Browns – Over 47.0
    • Both defenses rank in the bottom half of the league in points allowed per game, and the Panthers have lost the ability to force turnovers. Both offenses should be on display this week looking to rebound from tough losses in Week 13.
  4. Falcons @ Packers – Over 51.0
    • Two of the most pass-heavy offenses in the league facing two defenses that struggle to cover receivers. All eyes will be on interim HC Joe Philbin as he looks to make a big first impression.
  5. Texans (-5.0)
  6. Chiefs (-7.0)
  7. Ravens @ Chiefs – Under 51.0
  8. Dolphins (+8.0)
  9. Patriots @ Dolphins – 47.0
  10. Giants (-4.0)
    • Even without OBJ, you have to like the odds of the team coming off an impressive victory against the Bears against an offense led by Mark Sanchez.
  11. Giants @ Redskins – Under 41.0
    • Mark Sanchez + 2 Offenses in the bottom half of the league in plays per game – OBJ = No brainer.
  12. Chargers (-14.0)
    • Philip Rivers and his 6th ranked offense facing the 32nd ranked Bengals defense at home with no AJ Green or Andy Dalton to play catch-up.
  13. Bengals @ Chargers – Over 47.5
  14. Broncos (-4.0)
  15. Broncos @ 49ers – Under 45.5
  16. Lions (-3.0)
  17. Eagles @ Cowboys – Over 44.0
  18. Steelers @ Raiders – Over 51.5
  19. Vikings (+3.0)

The Unanimous Rowdy Pick of Week 14

  1. Steelers (-10.0)
    • Even without James Connor, the Steelers passing game should have a field day against the Raiders secondary, while their pass rush prevents Derek Carr from closing the gap.


Agree or disagree with our picks? Which guy do you see finishing with the highest percentage this week? Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!

Author: RowdyRotoJB

I'm Rowdy, I love Roto, and they call me JB.

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