Instant Analysis – Billy Hamilton signs with the Royals

A quick look into the signing of Billy Hamilton by the Kansas City Royals

This offseason, I will be diving into the notable moves made and their impact to their individual teams and potential fantasy baseball implications.

The Royals made the first splash as far as free agency goes and signed the speedy Billy Hamilton to a 1 year deal worth $5.25M (with another $1M available via incentives).

At first glance, you see the deal and say “Who gives a fuck?”

The answer? … Ned Yost and Fantasy Baseball owners.

Billy Hamilton is the perfect person to patrol the spacious Kauffman Stadium and now has a coach that can really let him run free, because the Royals suck and love to run.

Billy Hamilton is one of the worst hitters in the MLB to watch and his approach at the plate is garbage… however if they can teach him to keep the ball on the ground and get his OBP above .315 or so, you’re looking at a potential 70+ SB guy with premium defense in CF.

When you look at the market for OFs right now, you see a lot of bloated asking prices for mediocre players with limited upside.  The Royals snagged a player with a high upside for pennies comparatively.

Grade: A-


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*Photo by Keith Allison

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