Instant Analysis – Ivan Nova traded to the White Sox

A quick look into the trade of Ivan Nova to the White Sox


This offseason, I will be diving into the notable moves made and their impact to their individual teams and potential fantasy baseball implications.

In a very under-the-radar trade made during the Winter Meetings, the Pirates traded SP Ivan Nova to the White Sox for prospect SP Yordi Rosario and $500k in international signing slot money.

For the White Sox:

They receive a much-needed SP with the ability to eat innings.  Over the past three seasons, Nova has averaged 170 IP per year with a 4.16 ERA and a nice 1.7 BB/9.  However, the guy isn’t going to strike many guys out or blow you away with anything in particular… but you can count on him suiting up every five days and that is rare in the Southside.  I think the Sox would’ve been better off signing someone via free agency, but they didn’t give up much.

Grade – C-


For the Pirates:

This part is easy… they save ~$9.2M and receive $500k in international spending money.   In Rosario, they get what I like to call a “lotto ticket”.  This is a 19 year old kid in rookie ball with decent stats (56 IP in 2018, 2.89 ERA and 70 K/12 BB).  Will he make it to the majors?  Probably not.  But the move allows the Buc to reallocate those dollars to areas of need.  Nova won’t necessarily be missed in a rotation including Archer, Taillon, Williams, Musgrove, Kuhl, and Keller.  A good move for Pittsburgh to find someone to take his entire contract off your hands and net a marginal return.

Grade – B



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*Photo by Ian D’Andrea

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