Instant Analysis – Nathan Eovaldi re-signs with the Red Sox

A quick look into the signing of Nathan Eovaldi by the Boston Red Sox

This offseason, I will be diving into the notable moves made and their impact to their individual teams and potential fantasy baseball implications.


In a move I predicted in my Presidente’s 2018-2019 MLB Offseason Free Agent Predictions piece roughly a month ago, Nathan Eovaldi signed with the Red Sox for 4 years and $67.5M (I predicted 4/$70M… pay the man!)

This was a great strike early on by Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski.  With Chris Sale and Rick Porcello scheduled to hit free agency after the 2019 season, he was able to retain an electric arm that could easily slide behind David Price in the rotation if they both leave.

If/when the Red Sox hit the postseason, they can have a Sale/Price/Porcello rotation with Eovaldi serving as a “fireman” (or even closer depending how their offseason pans out).  That is a pretty formidable rotation to run into…

The only thing keeping this from being an “A” is the health concerns surrounding his arm and the fourth year.  However, this is a gamble a big-market team like the Red Sox can make.

Grade – B+


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*Photo by Keith Allison

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