The Review of Comethazine “Bawskee 2”

In the newest edition of Combine Culture, Sparky reviews “Bawskee 2” by Comethazine

In case you the reader didn’t know not all trap music is the same and the album “Bawksee 2” by Comethazine proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Trap music can be one of the most energetic forms of rap and if done right can not only be awesome to listen to in your car but also really allow a lyricist to show off their skills due to less intricate production.  This what brings me to “Bawksee 2” it isn’t just simple in production but also doesn’t seem very inspired.

On “Bawksee 2” Comethazine lyrical content is not very creative and many times feels lazy and tired.  It is normal for many rappers to use crime, drugs, violence, and sex as regular topics of songs but usually, it is either to detail the situation that the artist comes from but then go further into their psyche and lets the audience know how it shaped them or how they are still being affected by these themes.  Well, Comethazine just lets the listener know what atrocities he is doing without any further context.   Many times during the album it seems both contrived and forced and most of the time.  It is almost like Comethazine is trying to pander to the audience and not reach them.  Throughout “Bawksee 2″  he just matters of factly tells you about the acts he is going to commit and doesn’t make you feel his story or struggle.

The production on Bawksee 2” is what it is.  It is a trap album and while the production is very simple and it is mostly percussion loops that are enhanced by different instrument loops.  If this is how we are grading the production of “Bawksee 2” it is passable as the production is clean throughout the entirety of the album and has the definite feel of a trap record.  Songs feel foreboding and very grim but the beat still lets Comethazine have priority instead of the music.  The problem with the instrumentals is that they aren’t progressing musically at all and it feels like it was made a decade ago.

When listening to “Bawksee 2”  I was kept wanting more either musically or lyrically and never got it.  Both instrumentals and lyrics seem like both the producers and Comethazine just got in and got out of the studio and weren’t motivated at all and just wanted to release an album to further the notoriety of Comethazine, since the album came out when not much else was released at this time.  If you enjoy trap hip-hop I would either recommend going back to the classics or even some albums from just last year.  If you are looking to get into this subgenre of hip-hop I wouldn’t start with “Bawksee 2” and if you enjoy trap I would just listen to the stuff you already have and avoid this record like the plague.



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