The Review of “Czarface Meets Ghostface”

Sparky dives into the latest Czarface outing for The Combine

When “Czarface Meets Ghostface” was announced at the end of 2018 many underground hip-hop fans were eagerly anticipating this album by the group Czarface.  Czarface is the trio made up of emcees Inspectah Deck, Esoteric and producer 7L.  With the project “Crazface Meets Ghostface” fans of the group Wu-Tang Clan fans get two members of Wu-Tang Clan on top of the fun references to comic books and other things that many would consider geeky in nature that Czarface normal does.  Well “Czarface Meets Ghostface” doesn’t disappoint the fans.

The lyrics in “Czarface Meets Ghostface” give the fans what they want.  The lyrics are jammed packed with pop culture references that range from deep comic book cuts all the way to news organizations and all points in between.  Fans of intricate lyrics that love to pour over them to find hidden easter eggs should listen to “Czarface Meets Ghostface” with the page already up.  When think you heard a crazy one-liner with a great allusion to an obscure pop culture reference only to realize you missed three others in the process.  I was even pleasantly surprised that Ghostface Killah didn’t use any Iron-Man mentions as in previous works he has referred to himself as Tony Starks and Iron-Man on numerous occasions.  This not just lets the hardcore listener know that everyone involved had taken great care into crafting the lyrics but that the artist didn’t want to use the easy low hanging fruit that was available to them.

The production of “Czarface Meets Ghostface” gives listeners to previous Czarface albums much of what they expected.  The album starts off with a fake wrestling promo by a Macho Man impersonation to give listeners the feeling right off the bat that “Czarface Meets Ghostface” is definitely not your standard rap album but instead something that everyone making the album wanted to do.  The rest of the album is filled with a blend of simplistic but hard pounding beats with instrumental loops that further enhance the Saturday morning superhero cartoon/ sci-fi elements.  This not just give the listener a sense of where they are in the artists’ minds but gives the rappers plenty of room to spread their wingers without being drowned out by the musical accompaniment.

The record “Czarface Meets Ghostface” isn’t for everyone though.  If you care more about trap beats that sound amazing as you cruise around or if you are looking for club bangers that will get the party bumping this album isn’t for you.  If you are looking for a hip-hop album that has tremendous wordplay that constantly will keep you on your toes give this a listen.  Younger fans, unfortunately, may not get as much as older fans of hip-hop will, as many of the references that are used have a 35 and older feel.  Rap fans that are old enough to remember the 90’s east coast rap scene will be pouring over the lyrics with not just a fond smile but with a sense of wonder.




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