Tuesday Morning Tilt

What’s up guys? I’m back with a second edition of Tuesday Morning Tilt. I’d like to thank all 14 of you that read last week’s debut column! Entering with big goals this week, as we shoot for at least 20 readers! Probably won’t get there…but we’re all about positive thinking here at The Combine.

For those of you that are checking out TMT for the first time, I take Peter King’s beloved Monday Morning QB format and turn it into something that is completely unprofessional and nowhere near as good. Let’s go.

Fantasy Football Gave Me A Chubb-y This Week

I told you guys how I got lucky and won in my fantasy league last week due to a late Gronk scratch. Well…that win streak came to an end real quick. I was playing the youngest guy in our fantasy league this week and of course he’s always got a stacked team, because he’s the only guy in the league without kids and actually has free time to research this shit. I never beat this dude, but I’ve got Nick Chubb on my team and was holding my own when Chubb broke a 92-yard TD run. I WAS LOSING MY FUCKING MIND at this point! As any self-respecting fantasy football veteran would do, I immediately started talking shit via our league group text. Then, of course…Alvin Kamara, Devante Adams, and Zach Ertz absolutely destroy my ass and I lose, which drops my record to a warm and cozy 3-7. By the way, when did Cleveland start celebrating every Browns victory like it’s the fucking Super Bowl? I’ll give them a pass on the win that broke the long losing streak, but we’re past that point now. Your supposed to win some games Cleveland, you don’t get a damn parade for beating the Falcons at home.

Emotional Hedge Bets and Shopping With The Girls

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a long-suffering Tennessee Volunteer football fan. There hasn’t been much to cheer about the last few years, so I’ve developed the habit of making “emotional hedge bets” when my Vols are playing. It’s a pretty simple concept…I put a small amount on the team that Tennessee is playing, if the Vols lose, I get a little monetary reward to soften the blow of the loss and if Tennessee wins I’m happy to pay. It’s a system that works well for me in my warped, football-fan mind. Those of you that follow college football probably know that it’s been another down year for my Vols, which has led to a pretty decent little nest egg this season. Well…this past Saturday, Tennessee was hosting the Kentucky Wildcats, one of our hated rivals that also happened to be ranked #17 nationally. Kentucky was a 4.5 point favorite over Tennessee…a lock if I’ve ever seen one. So, I decide to put my entire season’s worth of emotional hedge winnings on the Wildcats. It was a 3:30 kickoff and I put my bet in fairly early in the day. After I get the bet down, my wife tells me that our daughter desperately needs “winter clothes” and that we’re going shopping. Those of you that are fathers know that clothes shopping with your wife and daughter is it’s own special kind of torture, but as an added bonus this little excursion would be taking place during the game that I had tons of money on. Of course…the Vols play inspired football and win straight up, costing me my entire “emotional hedge” bankroll. This crushing loss/uplifting victory is going on while my wife and daughter are feverishly spending my hard-earned money on ridiculous items my daughter apparently “needs”, like shoes and a jacket. Don’t they know I could put that money in action for the Vols’ last two games of the season? I could practically guarantee that we win out by losing the right amount of money!

Keeping Up With The Kowboys

I’m not sure exactly why, but I’m utterly fascinated by the Dallas Cowboys. I think it’s kind of similar to those horrible reality shows that my wife watches on E! and Bravo. The Cowboys are my Kardashians. I would legitimately pay a large sum of money to watch an uncensored, no-holds-barred reality series that focused on Jerry Jones and the behind-the-scenes operations of the Cowboys year round, like Hard Knocks but dialed up to 20. I’m convinced that Jason Garrett has video of Jerry Jones killing puppies or something. Every time this entitled prick seems on the verge of losing his job, he somehow miraculously pulls out a win, like he did against Philly Sunday night. I sympathize with Jerry Jones, because I think I would probably act the same way Jones does. If I were an old, out of touch billionaire, I’d totally build awesome stadiums with bars and dancers everywhere and give huge, salary-cap crippling contracts to players that were “my guys”. I also really appreciate that he was the one owner that called Roger Goodell out for being a total fucking failure at his job when the commissioner’s contract came up for renewal. Jerry’s heart is in the right place and he’s willing to do anything to help his team win, but he’s always waaaay off base with his attempts to help the franchise. The Patriots got Josh Gordon in a trade for peanuts, the Eagles gave a third-round pick for Golden Tate. Jerry knows that the Cowboys need a wide receiver, so he gives up a first-round draft pick for…Amari Cooper?!? I bet Jerry’s the type of grandpa that would buy his grandson a gold Rolex watch for his eighth birthday. It’s a nice gesture and shows you he really cares…but what the fuck does an eight-year old do with a Rolex?

Put Another (Bologna) Log On The Smoker

I didn’t get to try any fancy beer or take any trips this weekend. I did get the chance to go over to a buddy’s house Sunday afternoon to watch football. Several of my friends are into the bbq thing. They have fancy smokers and Green Eggs. They perfect recipes and processes for smoking ribs and other things. I am totally cool with this, as I do none of the work and don’t invest any time or money, but still get to eat some awesome food from time to time. This Sunday my buddy smoked ribs, but he also smoked something called a bologna roll. I’m not sure how popular this stuff is outside of the South, but basically it’s a huge slab of bologna that’s about the size of a football. My friend injected this thing with jalapenos and smoked it for hours with hickory wood. It was amazing! It was also something that my cardiologist could build a vacation home on. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a heart attack coming any day now. If I somehow survive, I’ll see you here next Tuesday morning.







MLB Offseason Analysis Series: Boston Red Sox


For each division, we will be doing an in-depth look at each team’s situations for the off-season and offer some insights to what would make sense.

We now move to the AL East, which is very top heavy and looks to be a boring off-season free agency-wise for most of the teams.  The Orioles are the epitome of a dumpster fire, the Rays don’t/can’t spend money, the Blue Jays trade for two infielders every year and they don’t pan out, and the Red Sox and Yankees get into a dick-measuring contest.

Comment below, hit us up with questions/thoughts on Twitter (@TheCombineBlog), or post your best AL East memes on our Facebook and keep the discussion going.

Boston Red Sox

Departing FAs:

Nathan Eovaldi SP
Craig Kimbrel RP
Joe Kelly RP
Ian Kinsler 2B
Steve Pearce UTIL
Drew Pomeranz SP
Brandon Phillips 2B



  • ~$15M


Biggest Needs:

  1. RP
  2. SP
  3. OF/DH


Top FA Targets:

  1. Cody Allen, RP

The Red Sox have a big void to fill at closer and I don’t think they can afford/want to spend the amount of money it would take to bring Craig Kimbrel back with their financial constraints.  Insert Cody Allen who should come at a discount and shorter-term than Kimbrel, coming off a rough 2018.

  1. Andrew Miller, RP

The Red Sox could elect to spend more money on the pen and adding a “fireman” like Andrew Miller.  The once-dominant LHP came off an injury shortened 2018, but the talent should still be there for a couple years.

  1. Tyson Ross, SP

Fresh off winning a ring, the Red Sox need some upside for their #5 spot in the rotation.  I don’t anticipate them matching the offers Eovaldi will get, so they should turn to a cheap option (or 2-3 like the Padres always do) and hope to get some production.  Trevor Cahill, Matt Moore, and Tommy Milone also fit this mold.

  1. Garrett Richards, SP

Looking ahead to 2020, Richards is likely to miss all of 2019 but sign him to a 2 year deal and maybe he can make a postseason appearance in the pen before gearing up for 2020.  This is of note because Rick Porcello and Chris Sale both become free agents after next year.

  1. Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B/SS

Boston had issues filling voids at 2B and some depth issues throughout the season.  If they are unable to get Pearce back at a reasonable rate, they would do well by adding Asdrubal.  He can help at 2B if Pedroia isn’t healthy and fill in at SS and 3B as needed.


Top 3 Trade Possibilities:

  1. Red Sox trade OF Jackie Bradley Jr. to the Braves for SP Julio Teheran

The Red Sox need a reliable 5th starter and have Chris Sale and Rick Porcello reaching free agency after the 2019 season.  The Braves have a void in the OF and no use for Teheran.  Also of note, J.D. Martinez actually hit better when he played the field.

  1. Red Sox trade UTIL Brock Holt & C Sandy Leon to the Nationals for RP Koda Glover

With Eduardo Nunez and Christian Vazquez already under contract, these become mildly expensive bench pieces for a team well over the luxury tax threshold.  Combining to make about $6.5M in 2019, it would make sense to move them for a cheaper piece.  The Nationals with holes at 2B and C, could look to plug those positions cheaply and unload struggling RP Koda Glover.  With the Nats already having bullpen spots locked down by Doolitte and guys like Sammy Solis and Justin Miller… plus the additions of Barraclough and Rosenthal, there is a roster & 40 man crunch looming.

  1. Red Sox trade SP Rick Porcello to the Cardinals for SP Michael Wacha & UTIL Kolton Wong

Purely money-motivated, the Red Sox shave about $7M off their 2019 financial obligations in return for a bench piece with a bad contract ($6.5M in 2019 and $10.25M in 2020) and a SP in a walk year with a rich injury history.  That $7M doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a lot more when you factor in the repeater tax the Red Sox will be facing.  The Cardinals take on a little of bit of money this year, but get a proven workhorse and clear Wong’s salary from their 2020 books.


Bold Prediction:

  • Red Sox trade RF Mookie Betts to the Mets for SP Jacob DeGrom and OF Michael Conforto

In one of the boldest moves in recent memory, the Red Sox move Mookie Betts fresh off an MVP (assuming here).  Mookie and the Red Sox have been battling on money since before arbitration and there may be some bad blood as he nears free agency in two years… well the Mets have a plethora of SPs and DeGrom himself is two years from free agency.  As mentioned earlier, the Red Sox stand to potentially lose Sale and Porcello to free agency after the season and could hedge their bets here.  They also add Conforto who can spell everyone in the outfield and rotate at DH with JDM.  The Mets make a splash and can spend the next two years trying to convince Betts to stay.  Once healthy, a Cespedes/Nimmo/Betts outfield would be pretty dynamic.  One the other hand, could you imagine facing Sale, DeGrom, and Price in a playoff series?  … game fucking over.


Other MLB Offseason Predictions

MLB Offseason Analysis Series: Miami Marlins


During the 2018 MLB Offseason, we will be doing an in depth look at each team’s situations for the offseason and offer some insights to what we believe would make sense.

We start off with the NL East, which looks to have one of the more fascinating winters upcoming.  With the Phillies, Braves, and Mets all possibly having large spending budgets, the Nationals facing a franchise-altering decision, and the Marlins being… well… the Marlins, it has all the makings of absolute chaos that hasn’t been seen since OJ decided to fire up the ol’ Bronco.

Comment below, hit us up with questions/thoughts on Twitter (@TheCombineBlog), or post your best NL East memes on our Facebook post and keep the discussion going.

Miami Marlins

Departing FAs:




  • ~$15M


3 Biggest Needs:

  1. C
  2. 1B
  3. Talent


Top 5 FA Targets:

  1. Robinson Chirinos, C

The Marlins will need a catcher once they trade Realmuto and they won’t be shopping anywhere near the “top shelf”.  Matt Wieters could also be a low-cost option in hopes he plays well and can be traded at the deadline.

  1. Devin Mesoraco, C/1B

Although he’s not an everyday catcher, Mesoraco could be a solid piece to catch half the season if healthy and perhaps get some reps at 1B and DH.

  1. Logan Morrison, 1B

The Marlins need a 1B and someone the fans can root for to have some people show up to the games for a change.  Logan Morrison had a lot of fans in Miami and could be another buy-low option for the last place team.

  1. Logan Forsythe, INF

Speaking of buy-low… it doesn’t get much lower than Forsythe at this point.  Once a hot commodity on the trade market, he goes to the bargain bin and just looking for regular playing time.  Lucky for him, the Marlins have zero talent at basically every position he plays and he can go bat clean-up for them.

  1. Jeremy Hellickson, SP

One of the biggest needs on this Marlins team is a reliable starter that can eat some innings.  Hellickson has been solid in the NL, eats innings, and is probably going to come cheap… a match made in heaven.


Top 3 Trade Ideas:

  1. Marlins trade 2B Starlin Castro to the Angels for RF Kole Calhoun

For the second straight offseason, the Angels trade for a 2B on the back-nine of his career.  Both players have one year + a club option left and the money almost lines up perfect.  The trade shaves ~$1.5M off the Marlins payroll and the Angels are able to make room for the eventual Jo Adell call-up.

  1. Marlins trade UTIL Derek Dietrich & SP Jose Urena to the Twins for CF Byron Buxton and INF Ehire Adrianza

In true Marlins fashion, they move about $7.25M in salary to the Twins for buy-low candidate Byron Buxton and middle infielder Adrianza.  The move saves Miami a little over $3M in salary and the Twins upgrade their roster and rotation.  And most importantly, Derek Jeter works towards maximizing his bonus!

  1. Marlins trade 3B Martin Prado and SP Dan Straily to the White Sox for RF Avisail Garcia

See a pattern here?  The Marlins trade $19.5M in outgoing salary to the White Sox for Avisail Garcia and his $8.5M 2019 salary.  Both Prado and Garcia are expiring contracts, but the White Sox gain a reliable arm to add to their young rotation for a couple years.  Additionally, the White Sox open up RF for Eloy Jimenez to eventually take over when he’s “ready”… aka August of this past season.


Bold Prediction:

  • Marlins trade C J.T. Realmuto to the Yankees for C Gary Sanchez, 1B Luke Voit, and SP Domingo Acevedo

I know you were wondering where Realmuto trade would be… I’m going bold-ish.  The Marlins are clearly moving Realmuto and the Yankees seem to be growing tired of Sanchez, so they form the basis for this deal.  The Marlins also snag SP prospect Domingo Acevedo and Luke Voit, who can fill the gap at 1B and be a cheaper ogre-clone of Justin Bour.


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MLB Offseason Analysis Series: New York Mets


During the 2018 MLB Offseason, we will be doing an in depth look at each team’s situations for the offseason and offer some insights to what we believe would make sense.

We start off with the NL East, which looks to have one of the more fascinating winters upcoming.  With the Phillies, Braves, and Mets all possibly having large spending budgets, the Nationals facing a franchise-altering decision, and the Marlins being… well… the Marlins, it has all the makings of absolute chaos that hasn’t been seen since OJ decided to fire up the ol’ Bronco.

Comment below, hit us up with questions/thoughts on Twitter (@TheCombineBlog), or post your best NL East memes on our Facebook post and keep the discussion going.

New York Mets

Departing FAs: 

Jerry Blevins RP
Austin Jackson OF
Devin Mesoraco C
AJ Ramos RP
Jose Reyes INF
Jose Lobaton C



  • ~$27M


3 Biggest Needs:

  1. 3B
  2. RP
  3. 1B


Top 5 FA Targets:

  1. Josh Donaldson, 3B

With David Wright retiring (as if he really contributed anything on the field the last handful of seasons), the Mets need a 3B and what better fit than Josh Donaldson.  With his injury history, he fits the mold perfectly… but if he stays healthy, that would be quite the middle of the order to get through.

  1. Jeurys Familia, RP

The Mets bullpen was bad… real bad.  They ranked 28th last year in bullpen ERA and a huge reason why DeGrom couldn’t get many wins.  I think the Mets sign 2 high quality arms this offseason and Familia represents the first of those.  A familia(r) face… booooo, bad joke… he would come moderately priced and has experience in the NL East.  As Kelvin Herrera showed last year with the Nats, it doesn’t always translate over.

  1. Cody Allen, RP

The second of the two arms being Cody Allen.  Coming off of a down year, he fits into the Mets price range and gives them two RPs with closing experience.

  1. Yasmani Grandal, C

The Mets need a catcher and some pop in their lineup… check and check.

  1. Mark Reynolds, 1B

Nothing fancy here.  The Mets need a 1B and he could form a solid platoon with Dominic Smith… if Smith ever decides to impress in the majors.


Top 3 Trade Ideas:

  1. Mets trade OF Jay Bruce to the Indians for 2B Jason Kipnis and P Danny Salazar

Jay Bruce is making $28M over the next 2 seasons and the Mets need to get younger and have a pretty full outfield with Conforto, Nimmo, and eventually Cespedes.  So rather than paying him to play at 1B most of the time, it would be wise to reallocate those dollars.  In come the Indians with their own payroll constraints and needs.  With a potential need for a RF and a bad contract of their own in Kipnis, the money works out almost perfectly.  Kipnis makes $14.7M next year (followed by a $2.5M buyout in 2020) and Salazar is set to pull in the range of $6.5M in his last year thru arbitration.  End story, the Indians save ~$7M this year and fill a need from a surplus and the Mets fill 2 needs at a modest price increase.

  1. Mets trade OF Juan Lagares & SP Jason Vargas to the Giants for 1B Brandon Belt

The Mets have no space, need, or want for Lagares for the $9.5M he has remaining on his contract thru 2019 in New York.  Vargas has $10M left (including his buyout for 2020) and could easily be replaced internally.  The Giants have some payroll constraints and need to open 1B up for Buster Posey soon with Joey Bart coming up the system.  Belt is due $17.2M/year for the next 3 seasons and could provide some stability at 1B/OF in New York.

  1. Mets trade 3B Todd Frazier to the Cardinals for 2B/OF Kolton Wong + $5M cash

Todd Frazier is making $9M in the last year of his contract while Wong has 2 years and $17.75M remaining (including 2021 buyout).  The Cardinals could use some pop at 3B and shift Carpenter elsewhere, while the Mets could use some help at 2B and defensive versatility.


Bold Prediction:

  • Mets sign SP Jacob DeGrom and SP Noah Syndergaard to long term extensions + sign SS Manny Machado

The Mets and their new GM decide to make a splash and lock up their two aces long term and sign Manny Machado to a record deal.  To help alleviate some of the financial constraints of such a deal, the Mets will backload the deal to coincide with Cespedes and Wright coming off the books after the 2020 season.  With a core of DeGrom, Thor, Manny, Nimmo, Conforto, and some of their near-MLB ready prospects… the Mets could actually be relevant again.

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MLB Offseason Analysis Series: Washington Nationals


During the 2018 MLB Offseason, we will be doing an in depth look at each team’s situations for the offseason and offer some insights to what we believe would make sense.

We start off with the NL East, which looks to have one of the more fascinating winters upcoming.  With the Phillies, Braves, and Mets all possibly having large spending budgets, the Nationals facing a franchise-altering decision, and the Marlins being… well… the Marlins, it has all the makings of absolute chaos that hasn’t been seen since OJ decided to fire up the ol’ Bronco.

Comment below, hit us up with questions/thoughts on Twitter (@TheCombineBlog), or post your best NL East memes on our Facebook post and keep the discussion going.

Washington Nationals

Departing FAs:

Bryce Harper OF
Kelvin Herrera RP
Mark Reynolds 1B
Jeremy Hellickson SP
Matt Wieters C
Joaquin Benoit RP
Greg Holland RP
Tim Collins RP



  • ~$20M


3 Biggest Needs:

  1. RP
  2. SP
  3. 2B


Top 5 FA Targets:

  1. Bryce Harper, RF

The franchise icon is up for a new contract and the Nationals would love to keep him… but with Eaton, Robles, and the Childish Bambino all on the roster, they probably have a breaking point when it comes to price.  On the flip side, Harper may look at this roster and see little opportunity for growth for the duration of his contract.  With Rendon a free agent after the 2019 season, Scherzer nearing the end of his contract, and guys like Trea getting very expensive in arbitration… he may be more interested in a team with a brighter long-term outlook if he’s going to sign a 6-14 year contract.

  1. Brian Dozier, 2B

With Daniel Murphy gone and no real internal replacements, the Nationals will need to hit the free agent market.  Dozier represents one of the top 2B on the market and would be the type of “win-now” moves that the Nationals are accustomed to making.

  1. Lance Lynn, SP

Behind Mad Max and Strasburg, there are a lot of question marks in the rotation.  However, the Nationals never shop in the upper-tier market for SP and Lance Lynn fits that mold… a solid starter with past success and wouldn’t cost much.

  1. David Robertson/Adam Ottavino, RP

It seems every year, the Nationals avoid signing anyone in the offseason to shore up their dreadful bullpen and then make a trade midseason to address those struggles (i.e. Papelbon, Doolittle/Madson, Herrera, Kitzler, etc).  I think this year they decide to wise up and sign a proven arm to set up Doolittle and Robertson or Ottavino seem like solid candidates.

  1. Marwin Gonzalez, UTIL

With holes at 2B in 2019 and potentially 3B in 2020, the versatile Marwin Gonzalez would be a perfect fit to start 120+ games for the Nats.


Top 3 Trade Ideas:

1. Nationals trade SP Tanner Roark to the Reds for 2B Scooter Gennett

Due to make around $8.5-9M in his last trip thru arbitration, the Nationals could elect to use that money elsewhere and sign a SP on a lower cost deal.  Gennett would fill in nicely at 2B for the Nats and the Reds get a groundball pitcher that could do well in homer-happy Cincinnati.

2. Nationals trade OF Adam Eaton to the Indians for SP Carlos Carrasco and C Yan Gomes

If the Nats can get Harper back on-board, it would make sense to move Eaton and let Robles cover CF for defensive efficiency.  The Indians are losing Brantley to free agency and probably aren’t looking forward to a Leonys Martin/Bradley Zimmer/Tyler Naquin outfield in 2019.  Carrasco and Gomes both have 2 years of team control remaining, while Eaton has 3 years.

3. Nationals trade OF Victor Robles to the Orioles for SP Dylan Bundy and C Chance Sisco

In a similar move as the one prior… with holes in the rotation and a potential logjam in the outfield if they are able to resign Harper, Robles could fetch more in return.  Baltimore has a dire need for OF and Bundy has 3 years remaining on his contract and Baltimore won’t be good in any of those 3 years.  As for Sisco, he had a rough year all around and may be worth moving before his value drops any more (i.e. Blake Swihart).


Bold Prediction:

Nationals trade 3B Anthony Rendon to the Yankees for OF Jacoby Ellsbury, SP Justus Sheffield, OF Clint Frazier, and a Low-A prospect

Bare with me here, guys.  If Harper walks, Rendon in a very expensive contract year (roughly $18M) gets a little pricey.  The Yankees need help (defensively) at 3B and Rendon is one of the best.  Additionally, getting out of the roughly 2 years and $47M remaining on Ellsbury’s contract would be ideal for their financial flexibility as Judge, Sanchez, and Severino are looking at big arbitration paydays in 2020.  The price to move that contract and acquire an elite 3B is going to be their prized prospect Justus Sheffield and rebound candidate and former top prospect Clint Frazier.

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MLB Offseason Analysis Series: Philadelphia Phillies

During the 2018 MLB Offseason, we will be doing an in depth look at each team’s situations for the offseason and offer some insights to what we believe would make sense.

We start off with the NL East, which looks to have one of the more fascinating winters upcoming.  With the Phillies, Braves, and Mets all possibly having large spending budgets, the Nationals facing a franchise-altering decision, and the Marlins being… well… the Marlins, it has all the makings of absolute chaos that hasn’t been seen since OJ decided to fire up the ol’ Bronco.

Comment below, hit us up with questions/thoughts on Twitter (@TheCombineBlog), or post your best NL East memes on our Facebook post and keep the discussion going.


Philadelphia Phillies

Departing FAs:

Asdrubal Cabrera INF
Wilson Ramos C
Jose Bautista 3B/OF
Aaron Loup LHP


  • ~$30M

3 Biggest Needs:

  1. SS
  2. OF
  3. RP

Top 5 FA Targets:

1. Manny Machado, SS

Shortstop has been a revolving door of little to no production since Jimmy Rollins was in his prime.  This time, the Phillies have money and a glaring need with JP Crawford seemingly a bust and Kingrey is playing out of position there.  As good of a fit this is on paper, it would be interesting to see what happens if the city of “brotherly love” starts to turn on him for not hustling.

2. Bryce Harper, RF

Similarly, the Nationals could use some LH power in the middle of their lineup to offset Hoskins and Franco (if he remains on the team)

3. Adam Ottavino, RP

A Phillies team that finished 18th in bullpen ERA could definitely use some help at the end of games.  Ottavino would be a solid addition thanks to his reliability and his closer experience.

4. Wilson Ramos, C

Ramos knees held up for 91 starts at catcher last season and his bat was as good as ever.  He seems like a good fit for a Phillies team with young catchers that haven’t performed as well as hoped but needs production to get over the hump.  

5. Zack Britton, RP

The Phillies could use some experience at closer, but it isn’t a priority.  With so many elite arms on the market this year, they may get a deal on the second tier of arms.

Top 3 Trade Ideas:

1. Phillies trade 1B Carlos Santana to Orioles for SP Alex Cobb

It’s no secret that the Phillies need to make room at 1B for Rhys Hoskins and no one wants Carlos Santana and the 2 year and ~$41.5M remaining on his contract thru 2020.  However, the Orioles would probably also like to get a do-over on their mistake signing of the previous offseason and unload Cobb and his 3 years and roughly $44M remaining

2. Phillies trade 3B Maikel Franco, 2B Scott Kingrey, and a Low-A Prospect to the Pirates for CF Starling Marte & 3B Colin Moran

The Pirates are looking at a quick rebuild and could get two solid players for 3 or more years each for an OF with one year left plus an option and a bench bat capable of playing 1B/3B.  With Josh Harrison on his way out and Adam Frazier being the only other potential option at 2B currently on the roster, Kingrey would be a great buy-low candidate.

3. Phillies trade 2B Cesar Hernandez to the Rockies for OF Raimel Tapia

The Phillies could use some help in the OF at the MLB level if they can get Hoskins to 1B and Tapia has no path to playing time in Colorado with Blackmon signed long-term and Dahl’s emergence.  The Rockies will need a 2B to replace Lemahieu and Cesar Hernandez would be a great fit to score some runs in Colorado.

Bold Prediction:

  • Phillies trade SP Jerad Eickhoff, SP Sixto Sanchez, 3B Alec Bohm, & OF Mickey Moniak to the Indians for SP Corey Kluber

Facing some payroll constraints, the Indians could entertain the thought of trading Corey Kluber… and the price will be higher than Rickey Williams.  If the Phillies can add Kluber to a rotation with Jake Arrieta and Aaron Nola, they’d have quite the playoff rotation. Obviously losing Kluber would hurt immensely for the Indians, but adding 3 top prospects and a replacement SP could persuade them.  Sixto has the ceiling to make Cleveland drool and could very well be the greatest trade of a franchise ace since they moved Bartolo.

More Offseason Predictions



Tuesday Morning Tilt

What’s up Combiners? Welcome to the first and possibly last edition of the Tuesday Morning Tilt, the article where I shamelessly rip-off Peter King’s beloved MMQB format. Instead of top-notch writing and insider NFL info, I’ll be talking about sports topics that matter to REAL sports fans. Things like my shitty fantasy team, my near-misses in DFS, how bad my favorite team is, and what coaches are horrible. You know…things that actually mean something.

Why Tuesday instead of Monday? Because I’m usually 14 beers deep by Sunday afternoon and in no shape to start writing. Plus…let’s be honest, you are probably gonna be reading this at work, while you are supposed to be working. Mondays suck enough as it is and are usually the one day of the week when people actually have to do some real work while at work, no need to bug you with my “Hot Takes” on Mondays like everyone else. So, Tuesdays it is.

My Nightmare Fantasy Season Continues

I actually experienced a tiny bright spot this week in what has been a long, cold, dark fantasy season. I rang up a victory to bring my record to a solid 3-6. You know how I won? The guy I was playing against had Gronk, who was a late scratch Sunday. That’s it, that’s the only way I was able to win.  I don’t know why the Patriots even try to play Gronk during the regular season anymore. His body is basically that of a partying, beer-chugging Frankenstein at this point. New England should just keep Gronk in some sort of party bus-style cryogenic containment unit during the regular season and roll him out healthy-ish at the start of the playoffs every year. Problem solved.

DFS Bust Of The Week

The Carolina Panthers are legendary trollers of the DFS community and they got me again this week. Upon seeing that Torrey Smith had been ruled out, I stuck rookie burner D.J. Moore in pretty much all my DFS lineups. He was cheap and playing a Tampa Bay defense that is roughly equal to a decent high school football team’s defense. So of course, Carolina being Carolina, they decided to go away from a player they spent the #12 overall pick on and instead ride a guy named Curtis Samuel. What the actual fuck Carolina? It’s not bad enough that Cam steals every goal line TD from everyone…you are scheming the ball to Curtis Samuel when we’ve got a sweet value play locked and loaded on DraftKings? I think the Panthers equipment manager scored a TD in this game, but D.J. Moore had one catch and one rushing attempt.

My Head Coaches Trading Places Idea

I’m nowhere close to being a great football mind, but every week I wonder how some of these NFL coaches keep their job. There are some good ones in the league…McVay, Payton, Belichick, etc., but man there are also tons of horrible coaches. You don’t have to necessarily have a bad record to be a bad coach. Take Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy for example. Great career record, always makes the playoffs. But is he really a good coach? This lucky bastard has coached the Packers since 2006 and has basically had two quarterbacks for the entirety of his tenure: Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. With these two generational talents at the NFL’s most important position, McCarthy has been to ONE Super Bowl!!! Meanwhile, we’re giving Marvin Lewis shit for not winning a playoff game with the damn Bengals. This for an organization whose owner is so tight that the team has to practice at the nearby University of Cincinnati when it rains.  I wish fans could vote every season on which two coaches have to switch places for a year. I’d love to see McCarthy’s smug-ass coaching Andy Dalton in Cincinnati, while Lewis just turns over the Green Bay offense to Rodgers and coaches the defense to a Super Bowl victory.

A Lapsed College Football Fan

I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN, which means one thing…Tennessee Volunteer football. I grew up in the golden era of UT football, Peyton Manning, Jason Whiten, Al Wilson, just to name a few of the greats. We were really good every year. I was 18-years-old when we won the 1998 National Championship. We’ve pretty much sucked ever since. Had a string of horrible coaches. Our last head coach, Butch Jones, is literally a damn intern at Alabama now. I can’t make this shit up! I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. I took winning for granted. I’m now officially a bitter college football fan. I hate Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and all the rest. I don’t want to see them on my TV or talk about them due to the pain it causes me. While the talking heads are discussing who will get into the Playoff, I’m over here trying to grind out a bid to the fucking Belk Bowl. So, I don’t wanna talk about college football until my team is good again…and like any self-respecting college football fan, I continue to bounce back and forth between if that will be next year or never.

Closing Thoughts Of The Week

I guess this is the part where I tell cute little stories about my travels and talk about different fancy beers and coffee. Well, you guys are totally out of luck on that. I never travel unless my wife makes me. I hear about other people’s trips though, because apparently all of my wife’s Facebook friends are fucking world travelers that live exciting lives. I think Facebook’s sole purpose is to keep husbands and fathers broke, because you are trying to give your family the same experiences that other families post on Facebook. So because I’m always broke from trying to keep my family happy and the fact that this site pays me in DK Crowns, I don’t get to drink fancy beer and coffee. Nope…it’s Bud Light and Folgers Classic for old Dad. I did step out of my comfort zone when I went to a friend’s house over the weekend and sampled some Coors Light. Slightly watery, with only a hint of metallic undertones. If I get a second week of Tuesday Morning Tilt, I hope you guys will check it out, as I continue to fight the good fight for REAL sports fans. Next week I might try something really exotic and pricey, like a Sam Adams.